Leading the Way

Leading the Way

RemTech is committed to the advancement of education in the pharmaceutical, technology, and engineering industries. As part of that commitment, one of our Principals, Bob Matje, has worked closely with the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE) throughout the years. Recently, the ISPE has published a new book, APQ Guide: Management Responsibilities & Review (MRR). Bob is a co-author on this guidebook and we are proud of his contribution and dedication to furthering education.

The International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering is a not-for-profit association that provides for its members in scientific, technical, and regulatory leadership throughout the pharmaceutical industry. With their commitment to education, the ISPE facilitates the exchange of ideas and practical experience. The ISPE is a leader in next-generation technologies and solutions. You can learn more about ISPE and its role in the pharmaceutical industry by visiting here.

In their new guidebook, APQ Guide: Management Responsibilities & Review (MRR), the ISPE outlines the responsibilities of leaders in the communication and demonstration of pharmaceutical system support. The guide also lays out the expectations and evaluation of management as highlighted in ICH Q10. A digital copy of the guidebook can be found here.

Bob Matje and the rest of the team at RemTech are ardent supporters of furthering education. We work with many different organizations and we have our finger on the pulse of the pharmaceutical industry. We know the needs and opportunities in this industry, so we use that knowledge to help shape education so that students and team members can keep pushing the bounds of technology and innovation. At RemTech, we are paving the way for the pharmaceutical industry of tomorrow.

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