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‘We work with hundreds of manufacturers on a contract basis and this is the best Owner’s Program Requirements Document we have ever seen.’ Business Technology Team, PfizerOne

  • Increase Productivity Significantly
  • Reduce Costs by 20- 30%
  • Decrease Line Downtown
  • Achieve Stable Compliance
  • Shorten Project Time by Months


  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food and Beverage
  • Medical Device

RemTech, the Leaders in Strategic Serialization Implementation

The Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) is designed to minimize counterfeit drugs and diverted items. DSCSA is often referred to as “Track and Trace”. Recognizing the need for “chain of possession” in the pharmaceutical supply chain, RemTech offers expert serialization services to the pharmaceutical community.

The Pharmaceutical Supply Chain is often labeled in a couple of different ways including large pharma versus small to mid-sized pharma which typically includes contract manufacturers. Regardless of how you label the pharma supply chain, each unique pharmaceutical client has their own set of needs related to serialization. Large pharma often chooses to approach serialization with fully automated production lines due to extremely large volumes of drug batches. Small to mid-sized pharma companies (again, often including contract pharma) frequently needs to address smaller custom batches where margins are compressed and requirements change frequently. In those instances, fully automated large production lines may not be feasible. Each challenge is unique, demanding a unique solution based on expertise, experience, industry supply chain knowledge, applied regulatory knowledge with the strategic ability and project implementation skills to plan and execute these complex projects. RemTech’s experience transcends beyond pharmaceutical serialization to Medical Device as well as Food and Beverage.

Achieving the goals of your company’s overall manufacturing and go to market strategy while maintaining compliance is critical. RemTech’s serialization difference is the unique combination of technical services to address the understanding of the requirements, the compliance and regulatory expertise to develop an implementable strategy that meets compliance requirements and margin protection along with the project management skills to implement, validate and train on a safe, compliant, cost-effective solution. RemTech decreases downtime, increases productivity, reduces costs, provides better results and stable compliance and is a leader in pharmaceutical serialization.

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