Better Together

Better Together


Peanut butter and jelly, Simon and Garfunkel, rhythm and blues. Some things are just better together. Add one more to the list: RemTech and Triad Unlimited. RemTech has partnered with Triad to bring superior program packages to better serve our clients. Each team brings specialized areas of focus to the table to create a better-equipped partnership to serve you and your organization.


Triad is a professional Asset Management Practitioner Consultancy Firm possessing a portfolio of collective global projects for a multitude of industrial customers. The scope of their products and services are in Life Cycle Asset Management, Maintenance, Reliability Engineering, and Long-Term Capital Planning Analysis in support of Operational Excellence. Triad utilizes their proven Asset Management Framework, cloud-based Learning Management System, and RelialtyicsTM which is their leading-edge proprietary technology for data analytics. Triad approaches every project focused on integrity, extraordinary value, clear communication, and on-time delivery.

Triad’s core services include an Asset Management Gap Analysis and Improvement Plan (AMGAIP) that addresses optimizing Operating Investment for Operational improvement and A State of Good Repair (SGR) Analysis that addresses optimizing Capital Investment. 


Triad’s AMGAIP Technology Tool, aligned with its framework, provides quick and optimal navigation through 240 analysis points for risk-based program evaluation. The AMGAIP Report deliverable is a data- and analysis-rich document that provides a summary of the overall program gaps, details of program risk, and serves as a mechanism in selecting key areas of focus and support for prioritized improvement. The AMGAIP Roadmap is constructed on an engineering project plan platform with individual tasks that include sequencing, dependency, assignment, due date, qualification, and duration requirements. This ensures the plan is actionable and measurable in support of a successful implementation. The results are a multi-phased detailed budget and results-focused action plan that includes roles and responsibilities (RACI) of identifying “who implements what” and “how” it is to be implemented.




Maintaining your site network infrastructure in a State of Good Repair is mission-critical to sustain a reliable and efficient supply chain. Triad performs risk-based SGR analysis for a variety of manufacturers across the globe. SGR exists when a pre-defined percentage of site assets are within their useful life, parts obsolescence is being managed, and assets are performing at their designed function. An SGR Vulnerability Analysis begins with analyzing any gaps within your essential physical infrastructure program elements: Engineering, Capital and Maintenance Strategies, Business Processes, and Implementation Plan. This Vulnerability Analysis enables the development of a remediation plan to be addressed via Long Term Capital Planning, Maintenance Strategies, and Asset Operator Care. Together with the AMGAIP, this completes the “Big Picture” understanding of how the assets arrived at their current Physical State Condition and overall State of Good Repair.




After Triad identifies the areas of opportunity and applies the tools to manage the assets, RemTech has the practical knowledge to implement process-related solutions for clients. This means that RemTech can take issues identified by Triad and link those issues to Critical Quality Attributes and develop ways to control and monitor the corresponding Critical Process Parameters. RemTech consultants specialize in project management, serialization, automation, validation, etc. to ensure your project is completed in an efficient and cost-effective manner. 


While each team is successful in their respective areas, partnering together provides a new level of service and experience to every project. By developing program packages that combine the strengths of these two companies, we can offer our clients a custom-built plan that includes the best practices and the best usage of their assets and processes.


Triad offers life cycle asset management services with a focus on cost performance, investment optimization, and program risk. RemTech focuses on project management through validation, serialization, compliance, and regulatory support. Together, our companies can offer you the best opportunities that fit your organization and your needs. 


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