Author: Bob Matje

Robert “Bob” Matje, PE, CPIP, has held increasing levels of responsibility in several branded and generic pharmaceutical companies including general management. He has also lead reliability and maintenance, environmental, health and safety, automation, capital and qualification teams and served as the Serialization Project Management Office (PMO) Lead for Endo and for Pfizer, which included responsibility for establishing the serialization governance, scope development, schedule and cost. Bob is a member of the International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE) and was recently elected to his second term on ISPE’s International Board of Directors. Bob earned a BS in Engineering at Lafayette College and an MS in Engineering at Villanova University. He is a Registered Professional Engineer in Pennsylvania and was awarded his Certified Pharmaceutical Industry Professional certification in 2012.

Better Together

Better Together


Peanut butter and jelly, Simon and Garfunkel, rhythm and blues. Some things are just better together. Add one more to the list: RemTech and Triad Unlimited. RemTech has partnered with Triad to bring superior program packages to better serve our clients. Each team brings specialized areas of focus to the table to create a better-equipped partnership to serve you and your organization.


Triad is a professional Asset Management Practitioner Consultancy Firm possessing a portfolio of collective global projects for a multitude of industrial customers. The scope of their products and services are in Life Cycle Asset Management, Maintenance, Reliability Engineering, and Long-Term Capital Planning Analysis in support of Operational Excellence. Triad utilizes their proven Asset Management Framework, cloud-based Learning Management System, and RelialtyicsTM which is their leading-edge proprietary technology for data analytics. Triad approaches every project focused on integrity, extraordinary value, clear communication, and on-time delivery.

Triad’s core services include an Asset Management Gap Analysis and Improvement Plan (AMGAIP) that addresses optimizing Operating Investment for Operational improvement and A State of Good Repair (SGR) Analysis that addresses optimizing Capital Investment. 


Triad’s AMGAIP Technology Tool, aligned with its framework, provides quick and optimal navigation through 240 analysis points for risk-based program evaluation. The AMGAIP Report deliverable is a data- and analysis-rich document that provides a summary of the overall program gaps, details of program risk, and serves as a mechanism in selecting key areas of focus and support for prioritized improvement. The AMGAIP Roadmap is constructed on an engineering project plan platform with individual tasks that include sequencing, dependency, assignment, due date, qualification, and duration requirements. This ensures the plan is actionable and measurable in support of a successful implementation. The results are a multi-phased detailed budget and results-focused action plan that includes roles and responsibilities (RACI) of identifying “who implements what” and “how” it is to be implemented.




Maintaining your site network infrastructure in a State of Good Repair is mission-critical to sustain a reliable and efficient supply chain. Triad performs risk-based SGR analysis for a variety of manufacturers across the globe. SGR exists when a pre-defined percentage of site assets are within their useful life, parts obsolescence is being managed, and assets are performing at their designed function. An SGR Vulnerability Analysis begins with analyzing any gaps within your essential physical infrastructure program elements: Engineering, Capital and Maintenance Strategies, Business Processes, and Implementation Plan. This Vulnerability Analysis enables the development of a remediation plan to be addressed via Long Term Capital Planning, Maintenance Strategies, and Asset Operator Care. Together with the AMGAIP, this completes the “Big Picture” understanding of how the assets arrived at their current Physical State Condition and overall State of Good Repair.




After Triad identifies the areas of opportunity and applies the tools to manage the assets, RemTech has the practical knowledge to implement process-related solutions for clients. This means that RemTech can take issues identified by Triad and link those issues to Critical Quality Attributes and develop ways to control and monitor the corresponding Critical Process Parameters. RemTech consultants specialize in project management, serialization, automation, validation, etc. to ensure your project is completed in an efficient and cost-effective manner. 


While each team is successful in their respective areas, partnering together provides a new level of service and experience to every project. By developing program packages that combine the strengths of these two companies, we can offer our clients a custom-built plan that includes the best practices and the best usage of their assets and processes.


Triad offers life cycle asset management services with a focus on cost performance, investment optimization, and program risk. RemTech focuses on project management through validation, serialization, compliance, and regulatory support. Together, our companies can offer you the best opportunities that fit your organization and your needs. 


Learn more about Triad at


Contact us today to see how the partnership between RemTech and Triad can benefit you.

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Everyone needs a little guidance sometimes. As we grow, we need our parents, teachers, and mentors to show us the way. Even in business, we might find ourselves in need of a guide. RemTech is there to guide you and your organization through strategic planning, project management, and serialization system and process audits.

Strategic Planning

When you work with a RemTech consultant, we take into account your goals, ideas, and needs as we form a plan that fits your organization perfectly. We will help you design a plan with achievable goals and realistic steps to meet those goals. The future that you envision for your organization can become a reality with the right plan, and RemTech consultants have the knowledge and experience to formulate that plan.

Project Management

After the planning stage, we move into implementation. Our consultants become a part of your team to manage your project in all aspects, from new construction to purchasing equipment. We work with contractors on your behalf to ensure you are getting the best results. We have experience in a variety of different industries and we put that experience to work for you.

Serialization System and Process Audits

What if you already have a system in place? We can perform audits on your system or process to ensure that you are meeting industry standards. We compare your processes to regulatory requirements and best practices so you can be confident that your serialization and tracking systems are the best that they can be.

So who do you go to for guidance? If you go to RemTech, you can know that our consultants will bring years of experience and knowledge to work for you. RemTech can guide you to where you want to be, contact us today to see how.

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RemTech Consultants: Johnny Colvin


At RemTech, we know that it’s our consultants that make us great. With that in mind, we would like to introduce you to one of our great consultants, Johnny Colvin.


Johnny is a Senior Project Manager Consultant and has been with RemTech since 2018. As a Senior Project Manager Consultant, Johnny provides consultation on Validation, Serialization, Track and Trace Supply Chain B2B, and DSCSA compliance. He is also Fanuc Robotics trained in Handling Tool operations and programming.


After graduating from Alabama A&M University with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology, Johnny earned his Master of Science in Management of Information Systems at the University of Phoenix.


Before joining our team at RemTech, Johnny spent over a decade working in the pharmaceuticals industry overseeing validation activities and managing serialization infrastructure developing projects. Johnny’s main focus is to ensure his clients maintain compliance with current laws, FDA regulations, and industry standards.


While Johnny loves working with and supporting his clients, he balances his work with time with his family. He spends his free time playing with his granddaughter or working on fixing up cars. Johnny played baseball in college and loves to attend sporting events whenever possible and spends the off-season playing sports video games.


At RemTech, we are privileged to work with engineers and consultants like Johnny. We are dedicated to our team and strive to create a workplace that fosters creativity and vision. When we asked Johnny what he loves about RemTech he said “The culture and the owners are awesome. I love the RemTech team because everyone shares the same vision and is dedicated to the mission. I have a great degree of control and freedom within my job. I like the autonomy I have because my bosses allow me to innovate.”


We are proud to introduce you to Johnny Colvin- Inspiring Role Model, Sports video game player, Car Connoisseur, RemTech Consultant



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The Right Way

The Right Way

When starting a project, many people will tell you what you need to do. You will hear a lot of opinions on what is the “right” way. But what is the right way? The right way to complete a task or project is the way that works for you, and at RemTech, we will help you get there. RemTech has the right team for the right job to ensure your project is done the right way.

The Right Team

At RemTech, our consultants are the right choice for your team. We have experience in many different industries including pharmaceuticals, food, engineering, general industrial manufacturing, construction. We bring that experience to work for you to ensure that your project is completed in an efficient and professional manner. RemTech consultants work as a part of your team, listening, training, and teaching your team as we work to complete your project.

The Right Job

We have the professional experience you need, but that’s just half of it. The other half is the technical know-how to get the job done. We work with organizations to ensure you stay current with all federal, state, and local regulations. We help you create and maintain documentation for the equipment that you use in your facility. For many organizations, we assist in the acquisition and installation of new equipment. At RemTech, we work with your team to develop Standard Operating Procedures to ensure that, even after we’re done, your project can continue to maintain and run smoothly and effectively.

The Right Way

Every business is different, so to make sure that your business is working in the right way we will develop a plan that is suited to your individual needs and goals. Your success is our priority. When you partner with RemTech, you partner with consultants and engineers that focus on your project and the right way for you.

When you are starting a project, do it the right way. Start with the right team to do the right job. Start with RemTech and get things done the right way.

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The RemTech Difference

The RemTech Difference

There are many consultants out there but none like the RemTech consultant. Our team of professional consultants can make the impact that you are needing. We take pride in leading the industry in technical services, compliance, and project management. Here is what makes our consultants different.

Technical Services

Our consultants are skilled in a variety of technical areas to ensure your needs are met. We have experienced manufacturing and business management professionals that are focused on your success. Our team strives to provide you with effective solutions to even the most challenging issues.

Compliance & Regulatory

One of the most important aspects of our business is staying current in industry trends and regulatory compliance. RemTech consultants can guarantee that your business falls within the bounds of all federal, state, and local regulations. We have a “right-first-time” approach that is highly cost-effective and streamlines your success.

Project Management

Whether you are upgrading your production system, building a new facility, researching and purchasing new equipment, or starting another new project, our consultants specialize in project management. We will work with your team to make sure your project is completed in an efficient manner. You can trust RemTech consultants to manage projects for you so you will be free to focus on other aspects of your business.

When you partner with RemTech, you get more than just a consultant. You get a team with decades of knowledge and experience. We put that knowledge and experience to work for you. Our success is measured by your success. Ensuring your satisfaction is our goal and we won’t rest until the job is done.

Contact us today to see the difference that RemTech can make.

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Growing Pains

Remember when you were a kid and couldn’t wait to grow up? Grownups could stay up as late as they wanted, they didn’t have homework, they could even have ice cream before dinner if they wanted. Being a grownup was the dream. As most of us know, we may be able to have ice cream whenever we want, but growing up also provides us with new challenges and opportunities that we didn’t know about as children.

The same is true for your growing business. Challenges and opportunities come naturally with growth. At RemTech, we want to be there to help you overcome whatever comes your way.

One challenge that many growing businesses will face is utilizing the space to best support your operation and processes. As your business grows, so will your need for stockrooms, workspaces, and warehouses.  That’s where RemTech comes in. If you need to expand or modify the facility, we specialize in construction management to make sure you have the workspace to get the job done.

RemTech consultants have experience in construction management from preliminary planning to execution to project completion. We work as your representative, working with engineering firms and contractors to make sure that the work is done within budget and, more importantly, correctly. We coordinate with trade workers, such as electrical, mechanical, and plumbing, as well as specialty services, like security and fire alarm systems, to ensure your building meets all state and local building codes.

The most important thing to remember is that you have a growing business to run. You may not have the resources or time to devote to a new building project. Why not work with a company that knows the ins and outs of construction management and can handle your project from start to finish? We have the resources, connections, and experience needed to successfully handle any building project. Whether we work as consultants or project managers, we will work to provide you with a new facility that meets the needs of your expanding business.

As your business grows, new challenges will arise. Will you be ready? RemTech can make sure you are ready to face these opportunities and succeed. Contact us for a consultation today.


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Steps to Success: Know Your Goal

When you prepare to do a task, you need to set a goal. Sometimes our goals are big, like running a marathon in record time. Other times, our goals seem small, like only hitting the snooze button three times. Either way, setting goals is an important step towards success. The same is true for businesses. What are the goals that your company is trying to reach? What steps are you taking to reach these goals? Are those goals attainable within the steps that you have planned?


At RemTech, one of our goals is to make sure your company meets its goals.


Completing a project within a specified time frame is a very common goal. Meeting the needs of your clients and customers in a timely manner can set you apart from your competitors. To do this, you need the best team, the best equipment, and the best advisors. RemTech can provide you with these things through staff augmentation, project management, and many years of professional experience.


Staff Augmentation

A RemTech consultant is more than just a consultant. Our professionals will integrate into your team to help with training and implementation planning during your project. We become a part of your team to share our knowledge and experience to make your team the best it can be.


Project Management

When starting a project or upgrading equipment there are many variables to consider. What equipment do you need? What is a manageable timeframe? Where do you even start?

RemTech consultants specialize in project management. This means that we will be there for you, guiding you through every step of the process. From planning the project, purchasing equipment to installation and implementation, we have the experience you need.


Professional Experience

Our team of dedicated professionals have decades worth of experience in project management. The leadership and knowledge that we bring to your team are one of a kind. We know the competitive landscape, as well as regulatory and compliance guidelines, so we can put you at the forefront of your industry.


RemTech is the company that can help you reach your goals. We can provide you with the tools you need for success. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.


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Tim LaGreca: RemTech’s New Project Engineer

RemTech, LLC is excited to announce that Tim LaGreca has joined the company as the Project Engineer to continue to position RemTech as a market leader in serialization in pharmaceuticals, food industry, and medical devices. Tim comes with a solid background in software development and mechanical engineering and is recently graduated as a Bachelor of Science from Lafayette College in Easton, PA.   


Tim was an integral member of the Lafayette Motorsports Team, helping develop the school’s electric formula car for the 2020 FSAE competition. He acted as the lead mechanical engineer of the vehicle’s Tractive Voltage System, applying his knowledge of hardware and software to design the high voltage batteries that powered the motor. Other colligate projects include the exploration of semi-autonomous robots and their functionality with machine learning capabilities.


His prior professional experience involves the areas of automated manufacturing and software development in the field of consulting.  In mechanical applications, he designed and manufactured prototypes and carried out laboratory testing to assess the viability of automated process applications. With software, he held roles using front end development for websites and user interfaces, and back end development for architecture design of data management systems. 


Tim is also an Eagle Scout and actively supports his local community.


‘We are very excited about having Tim on board and look forward to continuing to grow RemTech to better serve our clients’ state John Hartwig and Bob Matje, principals of RemTech.  ‘Tim brings a wealth of knowledge in current computer science trends and will help enormously with supporting our client’s data management and efficiency through automation and knowledge sharing.’


Welcome to the team, Tim!

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Steps to Success: Foundation

The success of your business is your first priority. On the road to success, the first thing to consider is your footing. Whether you are talking about archery, marksmanship, sports, or business, if your footing is not secure then your aim will be off. Making sure you have a solid foundation is the first step to success.

RemTech is that solid foundation. At RemTech, our consultants are experienced professionals that will work with your company to set you on the road to success. With our serialization and automation experience, we will not only increase your company’s accuracy but also reduce cost and make sure you are compliant with current laws, regulations, and best practices.

Serialization helps an organization track products and know where each individual item ends up. This process helps companies maintain shipping accuracy as well as providing excellent customer service. Your clients can rest easy in the knowledge that each item from your company is traced from manufacturing to distribution.

Another benefit of serialization is product authenticity. Utilizing serial numbers on your product helps to maintain integrity and protects the market from fraudulent products. Serial numbers are more difficult to counterfeit and provide better protection for your product and your brand.

Serialization is one of our specialties. Through our serialization services, your company can better maintain a chain of possession. We will develop a system that reflects the needs of your business and work with you to achieve the goals for your business and clients.

Serialization is the foundation that your company needs. RemTech can provide your company with that foundation and make sure you are on the road to success! Contact us today to find out more!

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