Serialization and Supply Chain in Times of Need

Now, more than ever, serialization and packaging are at the forefront of the COVID-19 epidemic. With the world’s best scientists rapidly working on developing a vaccination and treatment plan for this deadly virus, a large majority of the population are staying confined to their homes and shortages in grocery outlets are becoming normalized. The packaging and tracking of products will be absolutely crucial to the distribution chain during this time. Below are a few key elements that will directly impact the disease mitigation to society in relation to serialization.

  1. Tracking of healing medicine: If a vaccine or treatment medication is developed, it will be imperative that it is shipped, tracked and delivered as efficiently as possible. Proven serialization methods should be implemented to help manage the entire lifespan of the product from creation to ingestion. Not only will this impact the economic footprint of the drug but even more importantly, it will ensure the delivery process to the patients that are needing it most.
  2. Distribution of food supply: It is not uncommon to find grocery outlets (storefront and online retailers alike) to have shortages of daily staples such as toiletry products, foods such as beans, rice and pasta, and cleaning products. Serialization methods can help the supply chain to track real-time inventory so that those that are in need can have access to these important products.
  3. Conservation of packaging: When a global epidemic causes such a shift in balance affecting normal routines for millions of people, it can bring out so much positive comradery but unfortunately, also negative reactions. These negative reactions include counterfeiters and those who would be willing to take advantage of people in a time of need. Now more than ever, packaging of medicines and food supply need to maintain the highest quality packaging so that the integrity of items are not jeopardized.

Through any kind of situation that affects so many lives in such a short period of time, strengths and weaknesses of an organization are exposed. If your company is in the pharmaceutical, food supply or medical device industries, you could particularly be feeling an extreme amount of organizational stress relating to serialization and keeping things on track. As the leaders in strategic serialization implementation, RemTech can help decrease downtime, increase productivity, reduce costs, providing better results and stabilizing compliance.

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