SAW-Serialization Aggregation Workstation

What is the SAW?

The Serialization Aggregation Workstation was designed as an offering to the pharmaceutical packaging operations that don’t have the demand nor the desire to install a fully integrated case packing operation that is compliant with the current Serialization and aggregation requirements.

Efficient and Productive:

Flexible Modular Design:

Effective Equipment:

The SAW replaces manual, time-consuming, aggregation processes that often only allow for speeds of 1-2 cases per minute. With a throughput of up to 10 cases per minute, productivity in this area of the packaging process could be increased by as much as 500%.

The SAW is designed to be flexible with its dual modules. Depending on options and process requirements, the unit can be placed in multiple design configurations to fit your specific end-of-line packaging needs.

Using an association approach to aggregation, the SAW aligns the process steps of case packing with the aggregation needs of the serialization equipment to ensure proper aggregation to the case level

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