Introducing SAW: Serialization Aggregation Workstation

Remtech Serialization Aggregation Workstation

With so many changes in the pharmaceutical industry as well as aggregation requirements coming quickly, it can seem difficult to feel prepared for future market production demands.

If you’re a pharmaceutical manufacturing company that has been around a long time or looking to pivot your operations into growth mode, production needs to be refined at every single level. If you don’t know or measure your data points or have expert personnel trained in key areas, it can not only be extremely costly but an inefficient use of labor.

When we visit partner production sites, manual aggregation processes are almost always the source of many errors. The new Serialization Aggregation Workstation, or SAW, developed by Remtech solves this problem allowing companies the opportunity to make the required upgrades to their processes without needing additional space.

What does this new piece of technology mean for the pharmaceutical industry and for packaging as a whole? Because SAW works in such an efficient and nearly closed system, labeling, packaging, and inspection scanning repeatedly occur within moments of each other. So, when a change is needed in one section of production, it can be implemented in only that small step, without needing to reset or rebuild the entire production line. This results in minimal downtime, reduces costs of labor and materials and expands the potential for more output for future growth benchmarks.

By the time serialization aggregation requirements are in place, companies using this system will be running efficiently and in complete DSCDA compliance.

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